It's all blue at the shark tank!

Feast in the shark tank: it's crawling with blue fish at the coral reef! The blue damselfish stand out with their bright blue color. We've also added a lot of White dascylli or Humbug damselfish; black-and-white striped coral fish.

New: giant shovelnose rays!

Aquatopia celebrates its 10th anniversary. And 10 years is worth celebrating! Discover our surprise of the summer: two new giant shovelnose rays (Glaucostegus typus), huge animals with a size over 2 meters. Their body has the shape of a guitar and a flat elongated snout, which gives these female rays an even more gigantic appearance.

6 royal pythons born!

A few more animals have been born at Aquatopia: 6 royal pythons this time! The royal python is a constrictor snake from West-Africa. It’s got its noble name for its beautiful colours and patterns on its back. You can admire the little ones in the Aquatopia-swamp, with the iguanas and the other snakes!

Aquatopia welcomes Red Teju

In the swamp of Aquatopia a Red Teju has been introduced! This special lizard is family of the Argentine Teju, although he's slightly quieter. The residence of the Red Teju has also been refreshed with new vegetation and decoration.


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