New blacktip sharks in Aquatopia

Our large shark tank is in turmoil again; 3 new blacktip sharks have arrived! Blacktips have a typical 'shark shape' and like to swim close to the surface, showing their dorsal fin above the water. They must keep swimming always to absorb oxygen through their gills. This creates a lot of activity in the shark tank. The blacktips have ...

New: the electric ray!

To surprise its visitors, Aquatopia went looking for a striking fish: the electric ray! This skate has an unusual electrical device, with which he can produce an electric charge from 8 to 220 V! Electric rays do this to defend themselves or to stun their prey.

Hello summer!

In Aquatopia we are quite busy for now with the preparations for the holiday season. With the summer in mind, we went to a swimming pool in Antwerp to surprise the kids with some unusual sharks. The children were immediately very excited! To be continued ....

New: creepy bugs

A rainforest can't do without...insects and bugs! We already had a few spiders and cute little poison dart frogs. Now we take it a step further with even more spiders, hissing cockroaches, giant African snails and all kind of insects. You can admire these small crawling critters in the darkest corner of Aquatopia's rainforest. Creepy, ...


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